The Door

When the mind is overly active it can be a task in itself to come back to peace and presence however there is one method that I have found to work most times which does not ignore, resist or fight against but rather uses the mind’s distraction (Dan Millman) as an impetus to come into the Now, and that is to focus our full attention toward whatever the mind is obsessing about: it is behind there that the present moment lies and it is the very reason the mind is so active at that point. By doing so, we use the stream of thought’s concentration as a marker for where the window to presence lies and are able to find it. And in a moment, we are transported back in to the Now.

But we must be vigilante because, as soon as our attention is jettisoned into the real world, that very world can so enthral us that it allows thought to come back in.

So the important thing after coming back to the present is to hold a position between observing without judgement (what is happening in and around us) and also feeling that we are aware. Awareness aware of itself. That is the most important thing for any portal of presence: to feel our awareness.



‘How can you know?’

Eckhart quotes another, a quote which I was reluctant to use because it involves thinking itself, “Can you really know that?” Meaning, of a particular thought: Can I really know what that thought is telling me? Very useful when superstitious, envious or suspicious thoughts take over. Better productive thought replace destructive. However, I wouldn’t use it except when my thoughts override my presence and I can’t rein them in.

Often when the painbody takes over and we conceive of others wrong doing us, it can often feel the ultimate loss to allow this disrespect. There is a certain urgency about the painbody, and in that state we often forget that being in the present moment and bringing awareness to our state will cause it to pass, – after a period of uncertainty – and the flux of form itself will turn our situation back to positive again.


Yesterday, for the first time I felt a definite awareness of the pain-body. Before this I had assumed the lack of awareness aware of itself I was struggling with, despite attempting to be in the now, was due to some kind of blockage. But now I know it was the painbody and that presence does not necessarily mean peace.

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Listening to Eckhart Tolle reminded me of this oft quoted verse of the Bible. The presumption in most of the minds that quote it is that there was darkness before God created the light. Even Eckhart falls into this trap even though as a spiritual teacher he should know that form and the formless cannot exist without each other. They are a dichotomy, two sides of the same coin. So, the question remains, what existed before darkness and light? – God.


Although there is much wisdom in the saying quoted by Eckhart Tolle, “What gets in the way is the way.” It is not the easiest to act upon and quite easy to forget in the rush and hum of things. I keep remember another thing Eckhart said, and that is that a person can be successful at remaining in the present moment, being one with the now, and yet fail on the outer level when it comes to their career, relationships and affluence. That is a bitter pill to swallow. A very hard thing to accept. Nonetheless, it is true. Presence does not equal success in this world. Doesn’t equal happiness.