tefl.com: a few tips

tefl.com is the first go to place for anyone who has completed a Teaching English as a Foreign Language course and is seeking work.

Having had some experience using it I have noticed three things:

  1. There are a number of de-activated usernames. If you manage to reactivate an old, likely generic one, you will only get the old tefl.com features. This will mean that you will not be able to upload your resume and it will make your details look sparse, damaging your employment opportunities. So, be creative with your username so you can get a new, unused, full of features version of tefl.com.
  2. tefl.com makes some annoying demands about size of uploads: I have heard anecdotally that you should keep your CV (resume) to one page because the second page will not be displayed to potential employers. As this is not enough for most CVs, you should have one specifically for tefl.com and then another fuller version. They should both be in .pdf format so that they can be opened by all manner of operating systems and their various versions.
  3. tefl.com has an upload a picture (if your have been creative with your username and got the latest version of the site), but makes strict demands about size, type of file. Use Paint (Windows Desktop App) and crop using pixels rather than percentage to required size, ‘maintain(ing) aspect ratio’. Also give your picture a simple file name as complicated ones with brackets – for example – will throw up an unhelpful ‘use jpg, gif…’ error message which does not explain the problem. But be sure to follow that error message too!



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