Warning: Aston English Should Be Avoided – Not A Good Employer

Aston is like Disney English – Screwed up management but not technically a scam. They are unethical in that they will tell you that you will work X number of hours per week and then always squeeze an extra five hours out of you. Their last minute schedule changes are famous, and one of the key top managers is a pathological liar. The pay is less than average but people are fooled by the fact they have been around a few years and old video testimonials are used from hen they first started and had some concept of quality and ethics. They do not provide Z visas from their own company unless you absolutely threaten to walk if they don’t. Anyway, my advice is to not put these guys on your short list or they will give you some bad memories but not a release letter nor your last paycheck. I worked there for one year. They have many locations, and I have not met any really happy teachers at any of them in the last 2 years.

Original by Sunshine here.


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