The Three Bulls and Finsbury Park’s Terror Attack

Muslims have a tradition, the story of the Three Bulls.

There were three bulls one black, one grey, one white and a lioness. The lioness was hungry and chased them. Every time she went for one bull, the other bulls attacked her from the side. So she went to the grey and white bull and said, “Listen, let me eat Black Bull and I’ll leave you alone.” So they let her eat Black Bull, the fundamentalist extremist that, “doesn’t represent the religion of Islam”.

Then she was hungry again and started chasing the grey and white bull. When she went for one, the other intervened. So she went to White Bull and said, “Let me eat Grey Bull and I’ll leave you alone.” White Bull did and so the grey bull, the Islamist that “has no place in our society” was eaten.

The lioness became hungry again and approached the White Bull, the “Islam means peace” Moderate Muslim. The White Bull doesn’t run but says, “It is not this day you ate me: you ate me when you ate the black bull.”

That black bull is Afghanistan and got it first but not the worst in the West’s War on Terror. The grey bull the Middle East, namely Iraq and Syria and the white bull the arrogant Muslims of the West who were quick to label the black bull as extremist, fundamentalist and “not of this religion”.

The Finsbury Park terror attacks this week are the beginning of the beginning for the white bull, those ‘Western Muslims’ that were so quick to apostate an individual on the sole basis they are accused of being ‘alQaedah’; for things in Islam that are not apostacy. It takes one to know one.

If ‘Western Muslims’ think Syrians and Iraqis got it bad, let them wait for what is about to hit them. When the West eventually realises they’ve lost in the Middle East and Afghanistan they and their battle hardened Islam-hating soldiers will turn on the Muslim population at home.

It is not this day you ate me, rather, you ate me when you ate the black bull.