YCM6_FaceAwayCountDownDlg: Malware vulnerability in CyberLink’s Youcam6 hibernate mode for Win 10.

Face Away Countdown Dlg briefly appears on the blue screen of a genuine shut-down as an app that tries to prevent the computer from actually shutting down. Others have complained, after upgrading to Windows 10, that they have had Face Away Countdown Dlg interrupt their playing media and stop their Windows Defender by causing memory problems.
What I have noticed is Face Away Countdown Dlg, after the PC comes out of hibernate mode, is associated with the appearance of Youcam6_webcam_camera_video.exe (sha256: 1e18b7a6220c597a7123683a0579fb51) in the ‘Details’ tab, in Task Manager, but if you were to then right click and ‘Open file location’ it will take you to YouCamService6.exe (sha256: 2fc70185d51f97ac671d31760a1bc4c3) instead.
Also, Face Away Countdown Dlg seems to only appear when the computer is shutting down and prevents it from doing so, putting it into hibernate mode even though complete shut-down was specified. It also seems to only appear at that time: either being very well hidden or not appearing at all during a PC wake mode.
Anti-virus software does not flag it as suspicious.