Lesson Planning

I had my first scheduled lesson Monday this week however I had expected the students would be different to the students I taught the previous Tuesday – and they weren’t. However it worked out okay as they wanted and needed to review the present simple versus the present progressive.

I had a lesson plan ready but omitted the language analysis part as I had ran out of time. I think the best thing for the next lesson is to do that first after preparing the lesson materials.

Planning for Elementary Spanish speakers of English is more involved than I had expected. They struggled with articles (a(n) and the) which I was very surprised about and for a time I thought they were just pulling my leg. But after reading their section in Swan and Smith’s Learner English I can see why they are having so much difficult with things as even pronouncing /v/.

I am actively looking to incorporate collocation (Michael Lewis) as I don’t believe their is a trade off between fluency and accuracy. I am also approaching these twelve weeks in segments: first a grammar focus to instil in the students set collocation spoken phrases and build on that so that they can then read, write and listen with accuracy and understanding.