The World Will End 3455 CE, Best Guess

J. Richard Gott in 1969 came to the Berlin Wall and wondered how long it would last. He reasoned that, his arrival not being at any special time, whenever he arrived would be equally likely – unless he knew better – and so he must have arrived at the half way point of the Berlin Wall’s existence: since there was a 50% chance he could have arrived before the halfway point and 50% chance he could have arrived after it. This lead him to the ‘Copernicus Method’, which simply states that – unless we know better – our best guess for how long something will last is ‘exactly as long as it has lasted already’.

The last Prophet, Muhammad, said in a rigorously authentic narration, “I and the (last) Hour have been sent like these two.” and he held up together his index and middle finger. This indicates that the emergence of the Prophet Muhammad (the tip of the index finger) and the End of the World (the tip of the middle finger) are close, but how close? It has been 1438 years since the Prophet and according to the Copernicus Method the best guess we have of when the world will end is the year 3455, that is 1438 years from now.


Boring into Anger

Anger is particularly difficult to be at peace with and as in the last post, using it as a portal into presence is the better way. Except with anger a rush towards being at peace will not work.

Rather, a sustained and total focus of our attention on the anger is necessary and must be held and held and held until the anger dissipates and gives way before the portal of presence is opened.

This focus must be deliberate otherwise the anger will not shift but linger.

‘How can you know?’

Eckhart quotes another, a quote which I was reluctant to use because it involves thinking itself, “Can you really know that?” Meaning, of a particular thought: Can I really know what that thought is telling me? Very useful when superstitious, envious or suspicious thoughts take over. Better productive thought replace destructive. However, I wouldn’t use it except when my thoughts override my presence and I can’t rein them in.

Often when the painbody takes over and we conceive of others wrong doing us, it can often feel the ultimate loss to allow this disrespect. There is a certain urgency about the painbody, and in that state we often forget that being in the present moment and bringing awareness to our state will cause it to pass, – after a period of uncertainty – and the flux of form itself will turn our situation back to positive again.


Yesterday, for the first time I felt a definite awareness of the pain-body. Before this I had assumed the lack of awareness aware of itself I was struggling with, despite attempting to be in the now, was due to some kind of blockage. But now I know it was the painbody and that presence does not necessarily mean peace.

3 month appraisal

It has been three months since I completed the CELTA and on Saturday, by my calculations, I will not be able to claim non-resident status as I would be in the UK for 46+ days in 2016.

This venture has cost £2400 so far without any sign of making an income. I have applied for jobs and voluntary positions abroad to be told, if I am told, I am qualified except black.

And voluntary positions here in the UK assume that a volunteer is giving up all their time and all their money for a reference after 3 months that likely won’t come. I am a bit disillusioned as I really expected to be in a different place right now.

10,000 hours

Just had my first lesson in Dan Millman’s principle of breaking a daunting task into manageable bits. It was cover for another teacher’s first elementary level lesson for mainly Spanish speakers.

The lesson went well although I underestimated the students’ abilities. lt was a first to see the students make the same mistakes as in the past as I had only taught mixed nationality classes.

As it was my first lesson for a month I made the same mistake I made in my CELTA and got caught out with the staccato tempo of a student, causing a mistake in correction on my part.

My CELTA tutor said that the CELTA is like passing a driving test, “You have demonstrated you are not a danger to yourself or your students in the classroom”. Like anything worth doing in life, it’s going to take 10,000 hours.


I have given up on teaching abroad right now and have decided the best path to take is to volunteer here in the UK and use that as a platform to get work in Europe rather than jump straight into the deep end in Asia. It’s Dan Millman’s break up a large task into smaller manageable units advice being implemented here. Let’s see if that works better. Madness is to keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.